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Christian "Chris" Tomei, Italian researcher, best selling writer, freedom and creative expression lover from a young age, passionate about music and fond of reading and writing. Throughout his life he has always sought the truths that make the human being free, experimenting various beliefs, and then continuing on the path of motivation and philosophy to reach the knowledge of esoteric sciences, embarking with passion on the journey of spirituality and of life itself, from personal growth to inner awakening. Through his work, he tries to make people aware—with practical advices to be implemented in everyday life—of the infinite power that lies within the human being which, if released, can bring a massive awakening and improve every single person's existence to a true union and harmony. His works explore physical well-being, self-knowledge, and improvements to live a healthy and bright life, as well as the explanation of the Universal Laws applied to life.

Law of attraction: Manifest abundance in your life 

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